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Tidda - Conversational
AI Platform

Build rich conversational experiences with Tidda Engine

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Solutions with Tidda

Tidda combines voice-driven assistance and smart wearables for continuous health monitoring

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Remote Health Monitoring

Use Case: Remote patient monitoring solution combines natural language conversational experiences with real-time monitoring of vital signs.

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Use Case: Tidda can connect to a knowledge base and respond to questions and gives you insights based on search techniques. Fast and free access to information.

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Understand your health by tracking your blood pressure, heart rate, steps, blood oxygen and sleep with the watch and Tidda A.I mobile application.

FORTA - Remote Symptom Monitoring at Scale

COVID-19 Reporting Tool

FORTA is an easy-to-use online application offered to healthcare organizations for a continuous real-time and real-world monitoring of symptoms in both suspected and secured COVID-19 cases. It is offered to public health organizations and clinical & epidemiological research units with the purpose to exploit real-world data and derive digital biomarkers for further use in clinical, epidemiological and healthcare research on SARS-CoV-2 contagiousness and COVID-19 trajectories.

These organisations can adopt FORTA to monitor suspected and secured COVID-19 cases, their household members and other persons from their closer environment. They can exploit the fully-anonymized data set in clinical, epidemiological, and healthcare research on SARS-CoV-2 contagiousness and COVID-19 trajectories.

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Meet Tidda

Your health is our mission.

Conversational AI

AI and Voice Tech for Better Engagement

Tidda understands, talks and coordinates tasks
The voice and chatbot powered assistant drives simple, human-like conversations to engage with users in their health journey. The assistant is built upon our proprietary Conversational AI platform that features medically-tailored Natural Language Understanding and Zana Dialogue™ technology.

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Your data are safe with Tidda

This is how:

  • Tidda is GDPR-compliant.
  • Data are only hosted on ISO-certified servers located in Germany, guaranteeing privacy and data security.
  • Private personal information is anonymized preventing access to any identifiable health data.

Use Case: Understand your health

As a use case, we have published the Tidda AI application. Tidda can respond to your questions and give you insights about your health. Connect to Tidda Fitnesswatch to track your health data such as activity, sleep, heart rate and use Tidda A.I. mobile app to nderstand them better.

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